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I started listening to podcasts when I used to run daily back in 2012 and I became addicted to them when I felt the need to get clarity about my business and learn more while doing repetitive tasks – be it commuting or unproductive chores- instead of listening to music.

This is the list of the podcasts that I keep listening to very regularly. Each has their own particular unique style. Many offer success stories’ advice but I am mostly into podcasters that do deconstruct challenges entrepreneurs may face and offer perspective.

The How-To List

Entrepreneur Podcasts

  1. The Marie Forleo Podcast really is the podcast I have been listening to continually  for years, ever since she begun posting in 2011. I usually watch her show Q&A Tuesday on YouTube as she covers every aspect of the entrepreneurial process in a concise and relevant way. Her generous and creative personality is what makes her content so remarkable.
  2. Akimbo is Seth Godin’s daily podcast where he explores how to hack our consumerist cultures.
  3. Masters of Scale gives you access to insights of the very high-profile network of Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and member of the PayPal mafia. While I find it a bit long sometimes, it is an excellent source of information when you are precisely interested in the business model of the guest. I referred to it several times in my MOOC « Entreprendre au Maroc ».
  4. Business Wars is the latest podcast I discovered. It tells the history of the long battles between the capitalist groups that shaped our consumerist society. It is the kind of information that teach you to step back and reflect on your vision.
Understanding The Context

News & Politics Podcasts

An entrepreneur always needs to be aware of the economic context to built clarity about his business. I try to disconnect from overwhelming social media and listen to podcasts that summarize and analyze what matters most.

  1. And  بعد أمس does a great job at getting to the point. It is the newest show of this list. In 15 minutes, Khadija Bengenna interviews experts who deconstruct and give perspective on the hottest topics in the news. It is brief and very insightful. Although topics addressed are serious and alarming, there is something magical about Khadija’s voice that keep the audience asking for more.
  2. I am a huge fan of Mehdi Hasan’s journalism style. DECONSTRUCTED is his podcast with The Intercept. This my go-to source of information to understand US politics and foreign policies.
  3. Hidden Brain « uses science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships. » This is the kind of podcast I share with someone when I need to convince him that some theory I defend is right …
Leveraging the Audio Resource


I love reading but oddly enough, I can’t get past the first few pages of business books. I am more into reading novels and essays. Power of Now, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think Fast think Slow, and all the business classics are all piling on my book shelves. I am more prone to listening to this kind of books like I do for podcast. My Audible account really is where you can find my collection of business books especially that I need to listen to some chapters again and again. When I listened to How to Win Friends and Influence People, I totally got that I had to listen again and again to those recommendations that showed me I was doing things off the mark!

I am currently listening to The Catalyst by Jonah Berger. Yet another book I read about the mechanics of persuasion!

If you do business in Morocco, you can also check out my Entrepreneur Talk interviews with major local decision makers that help understand the business culture and the economy’s orientations.

What are your podcast let me know in the comments section and tell me what you think of my list!

Kenza Bennis

Kenza is an entrepreneur, communication expert and social activist. She started her career as a Private Equity analyst and took the plunge of entrepreneurship back in 2011 when she founded an innovative beauty e-commerce and a beauty brand. She is the founder of eEducation.Africa, an NGO that gives talented individuals access to emancipating online education in line with their culture and market needs.

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