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Education systems are in crisis pretty much all around the world. That is due to the fact that economies are now technology driven and are changing at a fast pace while education systems have not been transformed yet. They are still preparing students for last decades’ jobs that are disappearing and not nurturing students with the skills they need for the 2030’s jobs.
The crisis is all more serious in countries like Morocco who already have defaulting, failing education systems supposed to prepare generations of students for limited added value jobs serving historical colonizers’ economies. Today my guests are Samir Benmakhlouf who started one of the first smart schools in Morocco and Hassan Aourid, politician and author. His last book “من أجل ثورة ثقافية بالمغرب” is inviting Moroccans to dare a cultural revolution and rethink the education system.
In this episode we are exploring Morocco’s possibility to transform the Moroccan education system.
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