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Online Content Expert

I am Kenza Bennis. I am an entrepreneur. Early on, I got convinced that entrepreneurship and the process of creating value are my paths to impacting my social and political environment.

I started my career as a Private Equity analyst. My first professional immersion allowed me to scan the market opportunities before taking the plunge of entrepreneurship. Over 8 years ago, I founded a pioneering beauty e-commerce, BloomingBox, that quickly became popular. Then, I naturally created a beauty brand.
Through my entrepreneurial journey, I faced the main obstacles in the market as well as many rejections that finally put me on the path of winning value propositions.

I shared my knowledge by creating the most popular toolkit for entrepreneurs and executives considering business in Morocco: the MOOC ‘Entreprendre au Maroc”. It is a step-by-step guide from idea validation to recruitment. The success and tremendous impact of this MOOC inspired my current journey. While building an e-learning platform, I help companies connect with their consumers through developing talents and I coach executives and entrepreneurs.