A recent survey conducted by FRONESIS reveals that only one third of Moroccans fully trust Moroccan brands. The result is alarming. I have interviewed Adil Lamnini, president of the APMM, Association Professionnelle des Marques Marocaines, who is working on the implementation of the MADE IN MOROCCO label, to explain to us how this label can help restore confidence in Moroccan brands.

Photo credit : madeinmorocco.org (Logo)The MADE IN MOROCCO label is a certification of origin internationally recognised with standards defined by the WTO. The Moroccan certification of origin does not exist yet and there is now a great deal of interest from a number of associations with an intent to manage the MADE IN MOROCCO label. The APMM is one of them.

Adil Lamnini considers that the result of the survey represents a reality on the ground. However, he qualifies it as it is well-known that Moroccans love consuming local handicraft or agri products that they call ‘hur’ or ‘beldi’ which literally means pure and from my country. The challenge of the MADE IN MOROCCO label is to standardise this relationship and earn consumers’ confidence.

To make this happen, associations need to get their label recognised by public institutions like MAROC EXPORT and built a community of brands capable of having an impact of consumers’ perception. Of course the process needs time, enough time for associations like APMM to help local companies built their brands and guide them to meet the international standards, and enough time for foreign companies to trust the local know-how and use the MADE IN MOROCCO label on their products. A practise that helped boost the MADE IN CHINA label. Adil Lamnini gives the example of Apple products designed in California, assembled in China, that definitely helped increase the credibility and trust in products made in China.

In the Moroccan case, foreign brands like Renault, Bombardier and Oreo are already manufacturing successful products in Morocco. The ball in now in the government institutions to accelerate timelines and choose the right association/institutions to carry the work able to establish a strong MADE IN MOROCCO label.

Are you among those who do not fully trust Moroccan brands? What is your common criticism of products made in Morocco?

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