On May 22nd, CGEM, the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises, will hold elections to vote for its next President. The choice is limited to 2 candidates, Salah Eddine Mezouar, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Hakim Marrakchi, an industrialist manufacturing chewing gum.

The current campaign is taking place in a difficult economic context for Moroccan small and medium-sized enterprises, marked by an alarming number of bankruptcy filings. It has become necessary and urgent to build an environment favorable to the development of local producers and originators and in line with the possibilities and limitations of globalization.

CGEM is supposed to fulfill this need, however based on its history I doubted that the confederation could change its system overnight to become influential and advance the agenda and interests of Moroccan SMEs. So I am asking the question to Hakim Marrakchi in my latest interview. We also chat about the history of Maghreb Industries to know him better as well as the ability of his program to put Moroccan SMEs back on track.

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It is clear that the efforts needed to rebuilt a favorable environment for Moroccan SMEs requires the participation of all. It begins with the expression of the interests of each SME: Do you have any proposals for the CGEM to effectively serve your interests? Please share your ideas in comments’ section.

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  • My conviction is that the the small and medium entreprises should take the lead to impose institutional reform of the actual statuts of CGEM in order to make them more democratic and representative of the real weight of SMEs .

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