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The Islamic World is home to some of the most autocratic regimes in the world that facilitate the plunder of extraordinary resources leaving populations in extreme poverty, uneducated and unable to build political systems that serve public interest.
Arab countries with Muslim majorities are often at the bottom of the human development index ranking and Islam is singled out as the cause of their economic backwardness.
In this episode, we examine the compatibility of Islam with democracy with one of the architects of the Tunisian democracy Radwan Masmoudi.

Kenza Bennis

Kenza is an entrepreneur, communication expert and social activist. She started her career as a Private Equity analyst and took the plunge of entrepreneurship back in 2011 when she founded an innovative beauty e-commerce and a beauty brand. She is the founder of eEducation.Africa, an NGO that gives talented individuals access to emancipating online education in line with their culture and market needs.

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